The values of a church shape what it does and who it is. Although a non-traditional church in terms of style, Lockport Life Church is deeply committed to the eternal truths of the Christian faith. While we realize we can’t tell you everything we believe in a few paragraphs, these are our core beliefs, Lockport Life’s guide to all we are and all we do. You can also listen to our message series “Called to Belong” to hear more about what these values mean to us.
Following God’s Leadership We believe all that Lockport Life does is a result of constant dependence upon God, guided and empowered by His Spirit and therefore, must be pursued through continuous prayer.
Honoring Biblical Truth We believe that the Bible is totally trustworthy and true, it’s teaching the catalyst for life-change in individual’s lives and in the church. The Bible presents a dangerous message of life change and wasn’t given to us merely to inform us, or to provide arguments for a particular belief or position but to change us. We don’t assume everyone believes, or even knows the Bible, but we do assume everyone who comes through our doors is open to exploring it.
Sharing Christ with Others The greatest gift we can give another human being is what God has extended to us in unlimited measure, His Love. People come to Christ and to church because of the consistent encouragement of a trusted friend. The life of a Christ-follower is about investing in the lives of those who are far from God, actively seeking them out and building relationships in a welcoming, accepting manner and sharing the gospel message with them.
Building Authentic Community Lockport Life is committed to extending grace and acceptance to all who come and to offer the joy of belonging, the delight of being known and loved, and the opportunity to give and share our lives with others. We aren’t interested in being a place where a lot of people get together for an inspiring service but never move beyond the casual, arm’s distance relationships of an auditorium. People who grow in their relationship with God also grow by developing authentic friendships with each other, moving beyond the Sunday morning sanctuary into small groups and serving.
Living Generously We believe God is generous. He gives freely, fully, graciously and without measure. He is a giver, not a taker. Generosity means living our life with our hands open, generously giving away the time, talent, treasure God has so graciously entrusted to us. Generous living is about creating margin in our lives so we can give more of our lives away in Jesus name especially to those most in need. At Lockport Life we believe we are never more mature than when we give, love or serve.
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