LOCKPORT LIFE CHURCH has deep roots in the history and heart of Niagara County. Life in the Niagara Frontier was never easy as winters can be brutal. Located between two Great Lakes, the pioneers found the soil in Niagara County to be fertile – creating a unique and ideal growing environment for orchards and vineyards. Also, Lockport has a long heritage connected to the Erie Canal and the engineering feat created by a series of five locks known as the “Flight of Five.” Over the years, Lockport has continued to find new ways to adapt to shifting economic conditions and cultural changes.
LOCKPORT LIFE’S HISTORY reaches back to the 1940’s. At that time, the world was engulfed in a war that threatened freedom everywhere. A handful of people met in a home on Genesee Street. After the war, the church acquired possession of a decommissioned Army Chapel at Sacket’s Harbor. The chapel was dismantled by church volunteers and reassembled at its present location on Beattie Ave. Times have change but people still desire something authentic and real in their relation-ships to God and to one another. This church is a place where people gather to find truth and meaning in their lives.
THE LIFE IN LOCKPORT TODAY. Lockport is experiencing a resurgence and businesses are slowly, but surely, showing signs of recovery – evidenced by a new Walmart Super Center, the new downtown Lockport Ice Arena and the recently expanded Yahoo! Data Center, to name a few. Other businesses will likely follow. No longer will Lockport’s identity be dependent on a single economic source. However, the economy alone does not define a community. The collective spirit, health and safety of its residents are dominant factors. Leaving an incomplete picture – where will Lockport derive its Life?
Lockport City
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ULTIMATELY, LOCKPORT LIFE IS FOUND IN ITS CONNECTEDNESS TO JESUS.  Jesus said in John 15, “I am the true vine…apart from me you can do nothing.” Jesus wants to be Lockport’s Life. God wants His people to be the conduit of His life-giving Spirit to this community. That is why God has been working to unify the Gospel–proclaiming churches of Lockport into a unified voice and influence in the community. Lockport Life is part of that partnership and represents a new breath of spiritual vitality that God is breathing into Lockport.
Much has changed over the years. What has remained constant is the belief that we must love God, love others and the all people everywhere; and the knowledge that this only happens as we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the “Life of Lockport”.
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