Sept-Nov 2019
The magnificent designs of our Creator are on display throughout the universe!  While exploring God’s Creation Plan, kids discover a divine purpose for each of their lives.
AGES 6-12
    Each week, LIFE-KIDZ discover something new about the life God has planned for us.  Our Bible adventures bring lessons to life, as we learn from people like Moses, Queen Esther, or the teachings of Jesus. The most exciting discovery of each lesson is how to apply the truth from long ago to our lives today. LKZ time begins when the children are dismissed before the sermon.
June-Sept 2019
Our Summer theme teaches kids how to search for the greatest treasure of all!  Each week they acquire genuine treasure found in God’s Word and hide it in their hearts. 
March/April 2019
“What’s in my sandwich?”  Kids take a peek inside the miracles of Jesus and discover the “meat” of what He taught His disciples while working amazing wonders!
February 2019
While learning about the amazing uniqueness of penguins, we find valuable lessons of godly character that improve our relationships with others and our walk with God. 
January 2019
This 4-lesson series teaches our kids that we belong to God and are responsible to keep ourselves healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
September-November 2018
This is  a “Road Trip” through the 66 books of the Bible. We keep track of our progress by learning about the Historic US Route 66 which begins in Chicago, IL and ends in Santa Monica, CA.  The stops we make along the way provide memorable connections to the lessons in God’s Word!
June-September 2018
In this lesson series, our kids learn how to train for life battles using God’s Word as the source of POWer and daily spiritual strength!
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